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We offer a high-quality cleaning service for all your carpets & upholstery in your home. Swiss Clean has been servicing homes in Johannesburg for over 20 years, producing excellent results for customer satisfaction. Our method is thorough & far above industry standard in South Africa.

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Cleaning Method


High traffic areas & stains are pre-treated with a specialised formula that loosens dirt and impurities. This formula is left to activate for a few minutes before commencing with the shampoo stage.


A powerful rotating brush utilising a high foaming agent is used to thoroughly shampoo each square metre. High foam is used to avoid over-wetting carpets & upholstery, to reduce the drying time and protect carpet underfelt.


An industrial strength steam-cleaning machine is used to rinse and extract dirt as well as soap. A fine stream of clean water is sprayed onto the surface while the machine simultaneously extracts and sanitises with a deodorising chemical.


A highly absorbent powder is used where necessary to absorb stubborn marks and stains in isolated areas. This product continues to absorb dirt and even grease. Once completely dry the powder is easily removed with a vacuum cleaner or brush.

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Pet Stains

We all love our pets but unfortunately they often leave a mess! Specially formulated chemicals are used treat problem areas.

Wine & Coffee Spills

Pre-treatment chemicals are used before the shampoo process to address these stubborn stains before they set in.


Top quality deodorising chemicals are used to alleviate unpleasant odours, ensuring hygienic results.


Our deep cleaning method makes use of 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for your family.

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